Tuna Cakes Italian Style (simple recipe)

Rio Mare Italy's Number One Tuna

Crispy, crunchy tuna cakes made with Rio mare tuna are perfectly easy and made with just four ingredients!  This recipe is great for appetizers or dinner.

Tuna Cakes Italian Style with Just Four Ingredients

Crispy snacks for dinner parties are always a hit, and these delightful tuna cakes will be no exception.  I’m using rio mare yellowfin tuna in today’s recipe because the firm texture, lower mercury, and fresh taste is perfect for tuna cakes.

Tips for Making the Best Tuna Cakes

  • If you preheat the oil in the pan, you can cook at a lower temperature and get more even browning.
  • Because of the seasoned breadcrumbs in this recipe, you don’t need to add salt.  If you’re a pepper lover, feel free to add a few grinds of pepper if desired.
  • Have your plate lined with paper towels ready before you start cooking.  You don’t want to have to scramble for it while the tuna cakes are in the pan.
  • If you have chunk light tuna instead of solid white albacore, it will work—just drain it very thoroughly.
  • Try remoulade sauce as a dip!

Tuna cakes are so easy when you make them with just four ingredients! The perfect crispy appetizer for parties and good times.

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